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Oil on Paper

The paper support of this small oil landscape was quite weak and was easily torn. The owner had made several attempts to repair the tears and losses using various types of tape. During one of these repair campaigns, the face of the window mat was also painted white. 

10-63 Noland BT2
Before treatment obverse
10-63 Noland BT bk3
Before treatment reverse

The photo below shows detail of the damaged corner and the owner’s attempt at repair with two types of tape. The large loss had also been backed with colored paper.

10-63 Noland BT bk detail5

At the conservation studio, the window mat was removed before the careful removal of the many layers of tape. The tears were realigned and then secured with archival materials. The loss was filled and the surface was textured before inpainting.

10-63 Nolan AT1
After treatment image

Large Cast Paper Work of Art

08-57 Siena, overall BT 2 08-57 Siena, detail BT 4

An overall and damage of the corner with the signature.

08-57 DT detail distortion 1

The plainer deformation of the work of art.

08-57 DT detail obverse 1 08-57 DT detail obverse 2

The unsupported edge during and after treatment.

 This large cast paper work of art is inherently unstable had little structure to support beyond two horizontal wooden members. The result was extensive tears and planer deformations throughout the art work. It was humidified overall, the tears were mended and the outer edges were backed. A solid support was custom made for the art work.