• William and Mary side chair conserved and restored by professional art conservator, Gwen Spicer of Spicer Art Conservation, upholstery conservation, restoration, recreation, preservation, antique chair and furniture, leather upholstery
    A William and Mary side chair with old (not original) upholstered chair back.


Historical upholstered furnishings have special needs for conservation. Perhaps the artifact still has its original show fabric, or it needs to be reupholstered in a historic reproduction fabric, or only a slip cover is needed to reflect a particular time period of interpretation. Spicer Art Conservation upholsters artifacts to exacting standards.  Our experience, coupled with a large reference library, assists in creating upholstered furnishings that blend seamlessly into the proper period of interpretation.

Before Conservation


After conservation. The chair has a new slip cover, constructed of fabric researched and chosen by the curator.