Disfiguring mold growth and damage on a pastel portrait painting. The paper based antique portrait was in the studio of art conservator Gwen Spicer to be restored and preserved and framed using archival methods.Spicer Art Conservation, after treatment photo of pastel painting on paper with mold damage, mold growth on pastel. The mold has been reduced and is no longer active.Paper conservation of historic documents, revolutionary war letter, tape removal from fragile paper, paper conservator, damaged paper, iron gall ink, Spicer Art Conservation in upstate New York, Albany areaHistoric document repair, paper artifact, conservation of historic revolutionary war letter, letter damaged from folding and tape, paper conservator Gwen Spicer repairs historic documents, Spicer Art ConservationPaper Conservation, art conservation, professional conservator, 19th century lithograph, before treatment photo, antique poster, vintage poster repair, restore, preserve, preservation, restoration.Paper Conservation, art conservation, professional conservator, 19th century lithograph, after treatment photo, antique poster, vintage poster repair, restore, preserve, preservation, restoration.Work on Paper with puncture damage, restored and conserved at Spicer Art Conservation, specialists in paper, textiles and objectstape and water damage to watercolor on paper. Spicer Art Conservation repaired, restored, conserved and reframed the damaged watercolor.After art conservation treatment image of damaged antique heirloom watercolor on paper with tears and tape residue. Spicer Art Conservation specializes in paper, textile and object conservation in New York Staterepair, preservation, conservation of antique paper damage, paper conservator Spicer Art Conservation, Albany NYafter conservation preservation repair treatment of antique drawing. Antique paper conservation of clock part by conservator Gwen Spicer


Works of art on paper receive expert conservation treatment at Spicer Art Conservation.

Damage to paper artifacts can seem irreparable.  At Spicer Art Conservation we successfully treat paper artifacts that have been ripped, punctured, torn, warped, folded, crumpled, glued or taped with a variety of adhesives, or exposed to water or mold outbreaks. Including:

  • Lithographs
  • Etchings
  • Pastels
  • Oil paintings on paper
  • Drawings (pencil, pastel, ink, charcoal)
  • Paper based art
  • Maps
  • Watercolors
  • Asian paper screens (textile screens are treated as well)
  • Photographs
  • Historic letters and documents
  • Block prints
  • Tapa cloths, parchment, and vellum based artifacts are also treated at Spicer Art Conservation. (These items are classified in either the category of paper based or object based). As both an objects and paper conservator, Spicer Art Conservation provides specialized conservation services for these unique items.

The preservation and presentation of your paper artifact is crucial to its longevity. Spicer Art Conservation offers custom archival framing for your paper based artifact. We also specialize in archival storage and can provide you with the best storage means for your work of art on paper.